Chapter 1.6: The Darkness (Conclusion)

Mykall took a few steps beyond the now open doorway.  The air was fresh, cool and inviting.  He reasoned that he must have stepped outside.  His eyes tried to strain to see his surroundings.

Darkness.  It was still here, but he could see farther than he could before.  The level of darkness here was not quite as bad as the darkness he was just in.  It must be nighttime, he decided.  He looked up at the sky, and noticed something very wrong.  

The sky above him was pitch black.  There were no stars, and there was no sign of the moon prince Tsukuyomi’s presence, in any state.  Far above the night sky, Tsukuyomi would exert his influence over the tides, waxing, waning or coming out in full force.  None of the children of the light could be seen.

He heard the sound of crickets in the distance.  Signs of life.  He was once again in the land of the living.  He had left the confines of his tomb and had rejoined the rest of the world.  He felt a great excitement in him.  Better to be alive than to be dead.  The chill evening air made him feel cold.  He realized that he was still wet from laying on the cold wet stone of the chamber he awoke in.  He looked behind him at the place he had just been in and was startled.  Somehow, without his realizing it, the door he had just crossed had swung shut and he was staring at just rock.  He realized he was standing at the side of a mountain.  The door, if there ever was one, was nowhere to be found.  He ran his hands over the rock to find an indentation of sorts, something that would indicate the presence of the door he was sure he had just passed through a short while ago, but there was no sign of it.  He felt like he was going crazy.  “Am I dreaming?”  If he was, it was too detailed.  He could recall events as they occurred clearly.  He could feel his five senses.  It was much too lucid to be a dream, he decided.

But what of the sky?  How had the world changed in such a short amount of time?  What had happened since he was last awake?  Full of questions, but happy to be alive, he decided to press on.  He looked down from the mountain at the land below him.  He could see lights down below.  It was as if the Boshi, the star gods themselves had descended upon the land.  He could see lights everywhere.  The land was illuminated.  There was a larger light source he could spy in the distance.  A city perhaps?  Closer to the mountain, past a small forest, there was a smaller, brightly lit area as well, perhaps a neighboring town.  The chilly night breeze blew and Mykall wished he had taken a cloak with him from one of the bodies of armor in the chamber earlier.  He torched burned brightly still, but it would run out soon enough.  Best to keep moving, he decided.  He pressed on and began his descent from the mountain. 

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