Chapter 2.4 Taiyou-Shi, City of the Sun

“It’s not like we’re going to find anything this time around.  Come on Fala, we’ve spent months trying to track this.  I think this theory is quickly disintegrating.  It’s got no legs.”

Fala looked back at Gustav.  A striking beauty, she had wavy, raven black hair (all humans in Kuro had raven black hair), cut short like a boy’s in the back, but the bangs long in front, framing a small face with blue eyes and a fair complexion.  She was one of the most attractive girls at the university.  Like Gustav, she had an athletic build.  She was dressed casually, sporting sweatpants and a sweater.  

She smiled coyly at Gustav.  “Just because YOU haven’t found anything doesn’t mean I haven’t!”  She slowly produced a set of documents and waved them at Gustav.

“Fala, what the hell are these?”

“Documents detailing a trade agreement between Taiyou-Shi and Yin.  According to this, Taiyou-Shi contracted with Diskarma to transfer 35 Billion GEUs to Yin in the last 3 months.”  She smiled even more.  “How do you think Diskarma came up with that many GEUs in such a short amount of time?”  

Gustav thought about it carefully.  GEUs take time to accumulate.  Despite the Kurokyuu Orbs greatly shortening the time and lessening the effort required to acquire the Goddess Essence, the time it took to mine a single unit was 60 seconds.  That meant it required massive amounts of Kurokyuu orbs to mine the amount of energy required in a day.  

“They’re lying about the shortage”.  He responded back to Fala.

“Bingo.  You’re smarter than you look.”

Gustav looked hurt.  “Fala…” he began.  “Gustav, you know I’m kidding…”.  Gustav smiled again.  “Fala you know how much you mean to me.  Stop hurting me with words.”

Fala moved around animatedly.  She knew that she was on a roll.  “There is only one way to find out for sure.”  She ran from the hill, down toward the east side of it.  Gustav ran after her in earnest.  “Fala, quit the games will you?  It’s hard for me to try and follow your train of thought here…”  Gustav stopped abruptly.  They were now staring at the sealed entrance to Reactor Core #3.  

“Fala this isn’t funny…” Gustav began.  Fala smiled even more.  “Gustav, there is only one way to find out how accurate this document is…”

“Where did you find this document, Fala?”

“I hacked it off of the Central Reserve’s classified files.”

“Fala, that is a Class A violation.  We could go to prison for years, I can’t  believe you called me out to the hill for the sole purpose of looking at Reactor #3.  I could have sworn you had something else in mind.”

Fala looked at Gustav with a puzzled expression on her face.  “And what might that be Gustav?”.  Gustav sighed.  “Nevermind.  What’s your plan?”.

Fala giggled.  “I think you can figure that one out yourself Mr. Smarty Pants.”

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