First draft completed.

So it is done. Anti-climactic yes. And I finished it during my lunch hour, no less. I wasn’t expecting the book to be done so quickly, but it in the end, the pieces fell into place, and there was nothing else to say. And so I ended it.

What’s it feel to have completed a novel? Not really sure. I’m not sure I’d call it an accomplishment at this point. Anyone can put words to a page and call it a book. The hard part is getting others to read it and be interested in it. Perhaps someday you will all have copies of it in your hands and I can go into writing full-time. Ah yes, the dreams! The reality is usually far different. 

I would say here’s to the next step. Revising it ad infinitum and submitting it out to as many agents and publishers as I can and braving the inevitable rejections. It only takes one “yes”!

I like how it ended and where the characters ended up. The story is far from over, but I would say it at least doesn’t end at a cliffhanger. The ending will be somewhat satisfying and does bring the story arc to a reasonable close.

So there you go, my nonexistent readers, may there be thousands, no millions of you out there just waiting to discover my hidden gem of a novel 🙂





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