Chapter 2.3 Taiyou-Shi, City of the Sun

Fala glanced at her watch.  It was almost time.  She was meeting one of the Sun Watchers here.  Over the last several months, their research had led them to allegations that the Diskarma Corporation had been less than forthcoming regarding their output for this year.  Demand had increased significantly for GEUs, especially desert nation of Yin and the mountain nation of Shinshi.  Of the nations, only the island nation of Mystika had no need of the Goddess Essence.  Those in Mystika had developed something else.  However, Mystika’s secrets remained an enigmatic riddle.  It was largely unknown, since Mystika closed its doors to the world several centuries ago, and disavowed contact with the outside world.  No one had any idea what technologies Mystika had, though the nation was most definitely alive.  It had, over the course of history displayed its technological and naval superiority when faced with a threat from the outside.  

The rest of the world was on edge.  Yin had been rapidly increasing its military operations, adding more and more troops to its desert boundaries.  Because of the allure of Mystika and what was behind its closed doors, there had been talk of an impending invasion.  Some of the greedier nations, Yin in particular might be taking more than a passing interest in finding alternative forms of energy to the Goddess Essence.

Fala glanced at her watch a second time.  She was anxious to begin this recon.  They had been searching the the city records for anything that might lead to a clue.  They had been analyzing everything.  Import documents, any news about the northern missions, troop movements, and trade agreements.  There had been a recent increase in Taiyou-Shi’s importation of goods from Yin, and Yin had been benefiting greatly.   It was hardly proof of wrongdoing on the part of Diskarma Corporation.  

Largely seen as a benevolent corporation, Diskarma Corp had reaped massive profits when it developed the Kurokyuu Orbs.  Before the invention of the orbs, the Goddess Essence needed to be manually tapped from Mana Sources, places in Kuro where the Goddess manifested her energy the greatest.  Because Kuro had been graced by the presence of the Deities, Amaterasu’s presence was plentiful.  GEMiners came in droves to the known Mana Sources, mining the Goddess Essence and storing them in Mana Cubes, small cube-shaped metallic containers that trapped the Goddess Essence in them.  You needed a specific skill in order to extract the Goddess Essence and hold it long enough for the Essence to be stored in the Mana Cubes, and the GEMiners had been the sole source of it.  With the development of the Kurokyuu Orbs, Diskarma Corp had all but wiped out a once lucrative profession, and the GEMiners fell into disfavor.

Fala felt movement behind her.  She whirled around, only to see her partner, Gustav smiling at her.  She scowled.  “You’re late.”  Gustav shrugged.  “By just a few minutes.”  Gustav was tall with an athletic build.  He had a preppy look to him and was quite striking with a narrow face.  He sported a crew cut, which was very low-maintenance.  Gustav was the kind of guy that didn’t like going for haircuts, so the crew cut was a nice easy one he could do in minutes at home.  He was dressed in a jacket, with a short black shirt and pants.

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