Chapter 2.2: Taiyou-Shi, City of the Sun

Fala sighed yet again and laid down on the grassy hill.  One of the things that had amazed her as a child was how grass grew on this hill.  The hill was devoid of sunlight, but the grass had found a way to grow nonetheless.  It was as if the their will to survive was much greater than nature’s laws.  It was evolution at work.  Despite the all-pervading darkness, nature had found ways to adapt, and grass was one of the things that had absolutely no problem growing without the aid of sunlight.

Fala laid on the grass, dreaming of her childhood.  She had a happy childhood.  As a child of an elite family, she did not want for many things.  He parents were well respected members of society, and though not exorbitantly wealthy, they were well off.  Fala and her brother were both well educated and attended prestigious places of education.  Fala attended the University of Taiyou-Shi, and her brother , a high school sophomore was doing well also.  Fala had recently joined the Sun Watchers, a small group of academic researchers at the university.  Though Fala was beautiful, popular and well-liked, she had a dark side to her.  While most of Taiyou-Shi’s youth was content to run around and enjoy their youth, the present state of the world  bothered Fala.  She did not believe that all was well in Kuro.  Like many of the the disenchanted youth in the world of Kuro, her thoughts wandered, and she wanted to know more about the world, why things ended up being the way they were.

The Sun Watchers were an odd group in and of themselves.  Self-professed believers in the truth, the Sun Watchers took it upon themselves to keep abreast of the recent developments.  They gathered an obscene amount of data about the missions in the north.  About the various initiatives undertaken by the Diskarma Corporation.  Most importantly, the Sun Watchers maintained an extensive archive of the history of Kuro, and what it could of the Lost Period, the time when Amaterasu and the Deities walked Kuro.  There were some groups that observed the activities of the Sun Watchers with more than a passing interest.  The amount of data that the group had collected was nothing short of impressive.  Some of the books in their collection could not be sourced, even by Taiyou-Shi’s elite.

The Sun Watchers were dedicated to one thing – the truth.  They believed that the disappearance of Amaterasu was no accident, and that the Lost Period, the time before the last thousand years when the gods were present held the answer to the problem that they faced currently.  For the residents of Kuro, history began in the last thousand years.  There were almost no historical accounts of the time before Amaterasu had disappeared.  The only traces of Amaterasu that existed were myth.  And yet, the Sun Watchers were convinced that Amaterasu was real.  Despite there being no historical accounts of her, the myths were plentiful enough.  The history of Kuro spoke volumes about the existence of the Deities.  Over a thousand years ago, they filled the land with their power and their grace.  But at some point, some say the turning point in the history of Kuro, the Deities disappeared altogether, and the only things that remained of them were in song and myth, always shrouded in mystery.

The belief in the Deities and the existence of Amaterasu had fallen to the less educated, or the foolish.

But the Sun Watchers knew better.   They were not so arrogant in thinking that Kuro was self sufficient.  As powerful as Amaterasu was, the Goddess Essence she left behind would eventually run dry.  There was something that needed to be done about it, and someone needed to solve the riddle of the disappearance of the Deities.

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