Chapter 1.2: The Darkness

He took a few more steps and realized his feet were bare and that he was standing right on the cold wet stone he had been lying on just a few short moments ago. The cold cut into his feet. “Think! What am I doing in this place?” After that question came another one, this one more important, and surprising.

“What is my name?” He had a sudden sinking realization – he had absolutely no memories of any sort. He could not recall his name, what he was doing before he got here nor of the events that led to him being in the place he was in. He suddenly felt sicker than he did earlier.  He steeled himself and tried harder to concentrate.  “Calm down!” He ordered himself.  Panicking would not serve him in this situation.  “Think through this carefully.  Maybe if I looked around I can get some clues as to who I am.”

He continued to walk around, his feet gradually getting numb from the cold.  “I better find something to cover my feet with first.  He got down on the floor and started feeling for something he could use.  There were several objects on the floor.  Some discarded pieces of armor, leather breeches, and what felt like a tunic.  He felt around carefully, lest he pick up a blade edge-first.   He seemed to have a very good grasp of weaponry.  He could identify pieces of armor by touch alone.  He knew exactly what each part did, what condition they were in, whether they were serviceable or not.  “Looks like I didn’t lose all my memories after all.”

A few feet from him he found what he was looking for.  A pair of sandals that fit him well.  He placed them on his feet and heaved a sigh of relief.  The pain from the cold stone subsided.  He rummaged around, hoping for something that could be used as a light source, some flint to create fire, perhaps a torch he could use to carry things around.  He moved about clumsily in the darkness.  His eyes were fully adjusted, but there was almost no light sources to draw off of, and all he could make out were faint outlines.

He found what he was looking for a little further away.  Some flint, steel and char-cloth that could be used for sparking a fire.  A discarded torch lay conveniently next to it, presumably for the purpose of being lit.  He took the flint and steel and started to strike, slowly and carefully.  Getting the bits of tinder to fall on the char-cloth was very difficult in the dark.  Once he was certain bits of flint were on the cloth, he blew gently and saw the glow of his first fire.  He heaved a sigh of relief.  “Now let’s hope the torch works.”  He took the smouldering char-cloth and draped it over the torch and stopped breathing.

Whoosh!  The torch came to life with great gusto, illuminating his dark world for the first time.  Shadows danced around his flickering light source as he tried to make out his surroundings.  The first thing he noticed were the bodies.  The floor was strewn with hundreds of bodies.  It explained why he had such easy access to serviceable equipment.

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