About Me

Welcome to my humble blog! I am a Corporate Middle Manager by day, aspiring writer by night.

It was only in late February on a trip to Asia that included Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines that I hit upon the idea to write this book. Specifically, I was in a bookstore in Hong Kong bemoaning the fact that there were not enough Fantasy and Science Fiction novels in the US  that featured asian components in them.

With the advent of anime, that has radically changed in the comic book and cartoon industry, extending even, to the fact that many people now watch Japanese and Korean TV shows and movies. However, that trend has not yet made it into formal literature, though I am seeing signs of it little-by-little.

I decided to embark on this journey to let the writer that had always existed in me give it a shot. I had always loved writing and this wasn’t the first novel I had attempted. I wrote a fair bit in high school and college and somehow lost the magic after that. I made myself a promise however, that I would see this to completion.

Four months and 91K words later, and I am nearing the completion of my first draft! I am very excited and yet I know the journey has barely begun. I will use this blog not only for exposure for my book, but also to post my thoughts on this journey as I edit, re-edit and submit-resubmit my manuscript. I will brave rejection after rejection in the quest to see this novel out in the marketplace. If I fail to get published, I may self-publish the novel in its entirety online or via Amazon.

Thank you for reading my humble blog and I hope you enjoy my world!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. There’s definitely a market for Asian-influenced fantasy and sf, but I’m not sure the publishing industry has twigged onto that yet. And you’re absolutely right: thanks to the influence of manga and anime, a whole generation can visualize onmyoji, yokai, and shrine maidens as easily as they can visualize wizards, knights, and dragons.

    I’m looking forward to reading your work. One question: where does it start?

    • Thank you for commenting!

      I am truly hoping the market will swing in favor of Asian-influenced fantasy. I like elves, orcs, vampires and zombies as much as the next fantasy nerd, but there too much of that going around! There aren’t enough of the Jiang-Shi, Oni and the like!

      Oh, and you start with “The Darkness”. That’s the Prelude.


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